Our Team

TEAM WORK CONSULTORES is a Portuguese company certified in consulting and behavioral training of individuals and teams, created in December 1997 by Jorge Araújo, a former basketball coach.

With over 19 years of experience, training individuals and teams for high performance, we are also in Mozambique since 2006 and in Angola since 2007.

Under the motto Thinking and Acting as a Coach we apply a real training directed to attitudes and behaviors related to Leadership, Teamwork and Communication, that everyday make a difference in organizations.


Being a Coach is a huge challenge and responsibility. Thinking and acting as a coach is, therefore, very complex. Not only because it involves human beings, but mainly because these, although born motivated and being able to be motivated, always require a huge amount of attention and monitoring.
Managing, leading and motivating employees is an educational and formative process, constantly evolving, dynamic and circumstantial, which requires constant change and adjustment, depending on the contexts in which collaborators and teams are located.

That said if the Coach is not able to manage himself, he/she will hardly be able to manage their collaborators. As a result, he/she has to “learning to do, by doing” in order to gain, gradually, the experience that is demanded.

This is the training commitment we have with those who work with us… to put them “thinking and acting as Coaches”.

Treinadores míticos

OUR TEAM We are the only company who has as trainers, authentic coaches with experience in high performance sport.

  • coach
    He was a Professional and National Basketball Coach, and was National Champion several times and winner of other major trophies.

    Founder and President of Team Work Consultores, he conducts seminars in areas such as Leadership, Teamwork and Communication with companies managers, based on his experience in high performance teams training.

    He has expertise and international certifications in the areas of Executive Coaching, Coaching Winning Teams and Change Management;

    He also is a guest professor in Postgraduate and MBA’s, and he already wrote more than 20 literary works, among which stand out “O Caminho do Futuro, Treino na Área Comportamental”, ”A Busca da Excelência”, “Pensar e Intervir como um Treinador#”, “Tudo se Treina”, and “As Emoções e os Sentimentos também se Treinam?”.
  • coach
    He was A PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL Coach for 20 years at the national level top teams.
    Vice-President of Team Work Consultores, has extensive experience as a business consultant in the area of Leadership and People and Teams Development.

    Certified Coach by the ICC, is also internationally certified in Coaching for High Performance and Leadership Style for Managers.
  • Fernando Moreira
    Actor, Director, Playwright and Artist, with a Masters in this area from Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto.

    Collaborating for over 20 years with several theatrical structures.

    He is a consultant specializing in the areas of Communication, Creativity and Presentation Techniques and Expressiveness, and Consultant at Team Work since 2002.
  • António Henriques
    Current Managing Director of TW Consultores Moçambique, previously held the position of Commercial Director and Coordinator in Banco Comercial Português, Millennium BCP, until October 2014.

    Specialized Coach in the areas of Leadership, Management and Team Dynamics, was awarded, during his career, with prizes for the performance of his teams within the banking activity.

    He has great communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills and adaptability.

    Has extensive experience playing basketball, having started in 1966, with constant representations of the Portuguese National Team.
  • Nuno Preto
    Actor, Director and Playwright, with experience in theater and cinema.

    He is a founding member of Companhia Mau Artista and he is also part of the Teatro da Palmilha Dentada.

    Guest Professor at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo since 2010, and Consultant at Team Work since 2005.
  • Ana Teresa Ferreira
    Specialized in Human Resource Management, has a PhD in Work and Organizations Psychology at Universidade do Minho.

    She held positions of Director of Human Resources in various organizations and developed different consulting projects in public and private entities, currently collaborating with Team Work Consultores as a consultant.

    She is an invited assistant professor at Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, and a certified trainer.
  • Nuno Capela
    Operations Team Coordinator

General Direction

  • Cristina Pimenta
  • Vitor Sousa