Jorge Araújo

He was a Professional and National Basketball Coach, and was National Champion several times and winner of other major trophies.

Founder and President of Team Work Consultores, he conducts seminars in areas such as Leadership, Teamwork and Communication with companies managers, based on his experience in high performance teams training.
He has expertise and international certifications in the areas of Executive Coaching, Coaching Winning Teams and Change Management;

He also is a guest professor in Postgraduate and MBA’s, and he already wrote more than 20 literary works, among which stand out “O Caminho do Futuro, Treino na Área Comportamental”, ”A Busca da Excelência”, “Pensar e Intervir como um Treinador#”, “Tudo se Treina”, and “As Emoções e os Sentimentos também se Treinam?”.

Jorge Henriques

He was A PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL Coach for 20 years at the national level top teams.
Vice-President of Team Work Consultores, has extensive experience as a business consultant in the area of Leadership and People and Teams Development.

Certified Coach by the ICC, is also internationally certified in Coaching for High Performance and Leadership Style for Managers.
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