The CBC Program of Galp Energia, carried out between September 2011 and February 2012, and attended by about 300 participants, had in the IV Module – Managing is Training, the cooperation of Team Work in the skills training of Teams Management , Effective Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Leadership and Coaching. We invite Paulo Pinto, responsible for this project, to share an aftermath of the CBC Program.

1) How do you characterize the development of this project and which do you consider to have been the impact of the CBC Program on your organization?

The CBC Program had two clear defined goals: on the one hand we wanted to present the whole of the company to the collaborators – services, business, specificities, difficulties and successes. Despite all the effort in Internal Communication, is often to hear colleagues who have no idea of what the colleague, two secretaries next, does, and we intend, with this action, to contribute to fill that gap.

There was a second part which was to provide the middle management of the Company with the appropriate behavioral skills to a good performance of duties.

Both goals were fully achieved and the Program was a success.

2) How does the IV Module of behavioral training, run by Team Work, contributed to improve the effectiveness of the Operational Managers in running their teams, and to what extent, the training methodology of Team Work, fits with personal and professional development who aspire for Galp Managers?

The way we see the professional training, the sense of the practical application of the acquired knowledge is essential to a good learning, and the use of experiential methodologies, that produce emotion and let "impressions", are also very important for a greater retention of knowledge. From this point of view, the training methodology and the metaphors used by Team Work, transposed into the working environment, are innovative and extremely effective.

In summary, I would say that the pedagogical processes used, and the professionalism and experience of its entire team, are the key that make Team Work a successful company and a partner of privileged training of Galp Energia.

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