In 2011, we started a behavioral training project with MS Telcom, a subsidiary of the Sonangol Group, aimed at different levels of the organization, by performing a set of actions of our program "High Performance Teams Training." This program has as main objective to provide the head managers of a set of useful tools to mobilize the motivation of the teams that they drive, training them either in the use of different styles of leadership, either on how they can enhance their communicational impact and apply feedback technique among its collaborators.

We interviewed Coutinho Pedro, Head of the Planning, Training and Development Department of MS Telcom, whom we thank, in advance, the availability to collaborate in this edition.

1) As Head of the Planning, Training and Development Department of MS Telcom, how do you evaluate the role of behavioral training and the development of the soft skills of managers and administrators of companies, given the current context of economic growth in Angola?

The behavioral component is essential in the integral process of developing skills in the human capital. Today, considering the technology and financial capital are no longer the determining factors for the success of organizations, their competitive advantage is based largely on the attitude adopted by its collaborators in meeting the many and successive challenges that the markets are facing.

Therefore, I am apologist for the development strategy of "soft skills" of managers and senior collaborators in order to promote the companies' business sustainability.

2) In your opinion, to what extent the Team Work Training Methodology responds to the specific needs that the Angolan companies face today?

The Team Work Training Methodology when incorporates games, film extracts and reflection sentences about certain matters, allows the trainee to analyze realistically the process of interaction between the leader (manager) and the leaded by inducing them in the profound exercise of introspection and analysis of the roles of both in this complex, but important, relationship process.

3) How would you qualify the internal impact of the project initiated by Team Work in 2011, addressed to the Directors and Managers of MS Telcom, and that had continuity in 2012, with the realization of an intervention to technical cadres and team leaders?

Although the consistency of the results from the skills development of the behavioral component are difficult to measure, almost all participants of the two programs expressed their satisfaction; and, timidly, some barriers in downward, upward and horizontal communication are being removed, what it gradually can provide more involvement and engagement of people in the performance of their duties.

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