With a training methodology very own and based on the concept "Think and Intervene as a Coach", the work done by our Team requires a great alignment regarding to the intervention that all of our managers do in different times and contexts. The preparation of new Coaches will be carried out in a context of demand and rigor that we consider necessary for maintaining a coherent intervention with our clients in the Programs.

The Training Program for new trainers has the designation of Think and Intervene as a Coach. It will comply with a diverse set of moments that will allow new Consultants to acquire skills in the specific training areas but, above all, it is a way to provide learning processes and experiences in the behavioral area for applicants for TW Trainers. For this purpose, it were mobilized the necessary means to ensure a real Training that is the continuation of the original approach of TEAM WORK and the pursuit of an intervention already duly recognized by all our customers.

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