TW Consultores Mozambique is created from the 28 February of 2013. Continuing the process of internationalization of our brand, and result of the training projects that were developed there since 2006, it is given another giant step to the development of the behavioral training of people, teams and organizations in a country growing fast and that is a part, himself, of the history of Team Work.

1) In your opinion, to what extent the methodology used by Team Work responds to the needs that the Mozambican organizations face today?

I think Team Work can give an answer to any organization anywhere in the World.
The theoretical component is always present in the training sessions, but the added value that Team Work provides is in creation of group dynamics, differentiating factor that combines theory and practice and make the sessions special.

2) What's the balance that you make from the training sessions held during the year of 2012, and now in the 1st quarter of 2013?

The results were very positive. All sessions had their own goals and served, generally, to create team spirit and reinforce the importance of a group work to achieve common objectives. These periodic actions are essential to keep a cohesive group, dynamic and motivated.

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