It is urgent that those who lead or train people and teams through constant guidance and advice (Coaching) "feed" a great enthusiasm and passion for learning, through training and continuous improvement.

Like "sculptors" or "gardeners", it is demanded “lapidate” or “irrigate" the potential of those with whom they work, creating working climates much more enhancers of imagination, creativity and innovation. And above all less rational and more instigators of what is emotional and spiritual.

It is therefore essential that the company (or sport club) are local promoters of positive attitudes and behaviors! Where they can increase the self esteem of the respective collaborators (or players), enabling them to face the difficulties as opportunities. Forcing them to develop and affirm as to lose the fears and overcome the anxieties caused by the fear of making mistakes and fail.

All the collaborators of a company or players of a sport club have a huge potential that requires education and training, modulated through diversified experiences, enriching of these natural abilities.

What "forces", who leads companies and sport clubs, to adapt and to be flexible in the way they think and act, acquiring an attitude and a consistently positive behavior. To help their collaborators to focus their energies (mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual) in the company's or sport club´s objectives and in the life goals and direction they wish to accomplish. Such as creating around them a working environment where dominate the ambition and passion for what you have to do, increasing by such means, the respective commitment of the collaborators or players and their constant ability to overcome themselves.

Teach and train company managers must be, therefore, an active process, ludic, attractive, and able to mobilize the motivation, participation and accountability of collaborators or players.

We grow too dependent of the experiences that are provided to us, and learn in direct proportion to the stimuli, incentives and examples that are presented to us.

But not only!

Also because our brain is always learning and the human being is optimized for learning.

The training environments, providers of greater challenges and supporters of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual exercise, naturally diversified, they give rise to more and larger neural connections in the brain, favoring through this way the gradual improvement of intelligence.

We learn best through repetition, visual images, and by imitation. And we also fix more and better in our memory all those teachings that have been provided to us in an emotionally impressive form.

The environment that integrates the teaching and training of company managers or sport club players, should, therefore, use the mistakes and the appropriate "feedback" as motifs for reflections on what has been done (how and why) and as significant learning means.

And attention!

There is a clear difference between learning and training! When we learn, we create new neural networks, experiencing what is new through observation and attempt to reproduce what has been proposed to us. When we train, we reinforce and reactivate existing memory circuits, so that, soon, they become automatic and don’t require us to think about them consciously

Learning and training require the mobilization of attention and motivation, as an initial correct management of expectations and from what will be required. And the results that are being achieved constitute powerful means of building confidence and self-esteem.

The learning process requires us, simultaneously, begin by small successes, with the presence of one who facilitates reflection on what has been done and give "feedback", when appropriate.

At each step in this process is crucial to know how things are going, what we are doing well or badly, how we can improve. And also realize that, more than a question of listening or reading, learning in an evolutionary way means learning to do by doing.

In all matters concerning the training of staff in the companies, this is a reality that raises the need to have emotionally convincing and intelligent coaches, able to create an inclusive learning culture. Real experts in everything that relates to communication with impact, empathy, problem and conflict solving, inspiring leadership and mobilizing motivation, self-confidence and trustworthy people, flexibility towards change, the management of unexpected, give "feedback".

This requires that these coaches go through an intense and rigorous preparation, because no one is born with such skills developed to the point that the respective educational and training needs are justified. What must distinguish them are the respective self preparation and the intensive training that they have been devoted over, at least, a decade.

In an amount (number of hours) and quality (intensity, rigor, requirement) reinforced with the constant presence of who encourages and supports, demanding and pressing them whenever necessary, and evaluates the respective performance on an ongoing basis, in their continuous performance, honest and upfront.

In an amount (number of hours) and quality (intensity, rigor, requirement) reinforced with the constant presence of who encourages and supports, demands and press them whenever necessary, and evaluates the respective performance on an ongoing basis, in  their continuous performance , honest and upfront.

Someone who, in due time, removes them from the comfort zone, in which they tend to take refuge, and provides them with new challenges and facilitates the necessary reflections about the mistakes and aspects that need improving.

Nobody travels alone the path of excellence, because we need those who encourage and criticize us, at the right time, in view of the intended continuous improvement. We need someone to help us develop a fundamental passion for what we want to achieve. Recognize, support and encourage us, as decisive resources to mobilize the intrinsic motivation that we need, to make us move towards excellence, and help to reflect and to realize how to do it better and faster.

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