In 2012, three Key Companies of PT Group trained with Team Work. The behavioral training carried out with 2078 participants, distributed by the programs "Code Blue" of PT CONTACT, "Blue Spirit Attitude to Q1" of PT SI and "Proactiveness" of PT PRO, represented 20 teambuilding trainings, where principles of teamwork were strengthened, sharing good practices and open communication, in order to reinforce the values of each company of the Group.
These programs have had a great impact on the day-to-day lives of the people and the company, so we believe that the training had the desired result. Thus, the nominated person to give a ruling on what was developed is Graça Rebôcho, Director of Human Resources of PT´s Key Companies, whom we thank for the availability to share her testimony.

1) As Director of Human Resources of PT’s Key Companies, how do you evaluate the role of behavioral training in the strategic management of Human Resources, given the current national context?

In a highly competitive context, and also of economic recession, it is essential to make a difference through the professionalism, commitment and dedication of collaborators, which can only be achieved through the development of their skills. Thus, investing in behavioral training plays an important role in business organizations, for it is through the relationship with the client that we can gain market share and increase customer loyalty, and not only through the offered products/services.

2) In your opinion, to what extent the training methodology, of Team Work, responds to the specific needs that large companies face nowadays?

The training methodology adopted by Team Work aims to promote, in a different format, the individual and team attitudes and behaviors, with a focus on the ambition to be better at what we do. More and more, I believe that training "outside the room" has greater impact on participants. It is through the active participation that we achieve greater involvement of collaborators and, consequently, better results.

3) How would you qualify the internal impact of the work developed in 2011, by Team Work, in the companies of PT Group?

The training day organized by Team Work allowed us to strengthen the identification with the goals of the Key Companies and raise awareness with the main messages associated with:

  • Creating of involvement and commitment with teamwork;
  • Sharing good practices, showing concern for others and working towards the achievement of common goals;
  • Promote knowledge and interpersonal relationships among people who normally do not work together;

Reinforcement of the importance of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, mobilizing the motivation of each one to work in favor of the collective.

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