These Projects, mainly directed to their Top Panels, are mainly focused on two main areas: on the one hand, optimize the group processes of the Top Team, and secondly, an individual follow-up in the perspective of the Executive Coaching. In this sense, we invite Dr. Arménio Raimundo (Group Veolia Transdev Administrator in Portugal, with the areas of Human Resources, Information, Legal and Litigation Systems) to share with us his vision about this collaboration.

1) Which factors do you consider to have led you to select Team Work as one of Transdev partners for the development of its managers?
Invest in the training is a form of appreciation either in relation to the market, or face to direct competitors, being this principle valid to people and companies. Considering the time of recession in which we live, where the concepts of austerity and consequent cost reduction should always be present, invest on quality training and development of collaborators is an inescapable reality for companies, in order to maintain competitive and motivated high performance teams.

Based on this reality, select a partner for the area of Training and Personal Development is one of the key factors for Transdev. Team Work "fits" perfectly in this role as a partner for the achievement of this objective.

The reputation, the methodologies of training and experience, as well as the trusting relationship, result of a work developed for many years with "TW", are clearly strong points that lead us to privilegiate this Company in various areas of intervention, aimed at the development of our Human Resources.

2) How would you evaluate the results provided by the developed projects between Team Work and Transdev over the years?

The gains generated by the processes of formation and coaching, steered by Team Work, are notorious, either at the organization level or of the collaborators, allowing to develop leadership skills, architected relationships and group spirit and team, which stimulate the commitment and performance , the creativity and development of "working teams" focused on the mission and objectives of our Group.
In the end the results are "Real and Measurable", and that is the most important for the Organization and the Human Resources Department.

3) In your opinion, to what extent Team Work provides solutions framed with the needs that organizations face today?

As mentioned earlier, the recession period that we live in, product differentiation and the development of competitive advantages, take on today a greater relevance. The training and development of the collaborators is no exception to this reality.

Team Work has presented competitive solutions, differentiators, innovative, adapted to our reality, always with the homework well done, which allow us to face each training program developed as another safe step in the development and cohesion of our working teams.

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