Can we train emotions and feelings?

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«When a year ago, at the ceremony of presentation of the book "Everything is Trainable" from my teacher and friend Jorge Araújo, I made him a question of whether the feelings and emotions could also be trained, I knew I was challenging the right person.

The answer is here. It arrived with the rigor and quality that he has accustomed us. In fact, in the link between the I and the Team, a leader must take into account several variables. Each human being is unique. And get the talent of each person is one of the success keys of a leader and consequently of his team. Feelings and emotions are an integrated part of the person. The emotions deserve to be understood, potentiated and trained. Feelings deserve to be understood and strengthened. And trained? You must read the book.

The intelligence of each one also binds to the way we deal with our emotions and externalize them. The answer to this ability to respect the personal feelings to project the common good of all, or how would say Professor Jorge Araújo , the "constant intention of individual improving to the service of the collective", passes, without any doubt, by the field of emotions. It is a fact: (almost) everything is trainable.»

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