The coach in the company

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Today, the change intended in the business world, does not concern only to structures and academic qualifications. Above all, it requires different attitudes and behavior at the service of organizations, involving new skills in the scope of the ability to communicate and delegate duties, knowledge on how to face unforeseen situations, etc.

The profound changes underway require trial and error, with victories that structure us, and defeats whose teachings are always revealed as precious. Requires not to forget that the first sign of stagnation and regression arises, always visible through the temptation to transform our learning into something definite and finished.

The fear that causes us the uncertainty of the unknown, should never be greater than the will to adapt ourselves to the new realities that we will coming across and, therefore, to the coaches or managers, it matters that we have as only certainty that we cannot apply, first, to the fashions dictated by time and, simultaneously, we must maintain a continued effort to renew and constitute ourselves an engine of this change.

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