Teamwork – trend or solution?

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The history of mankind demonstrates to us clearly that sometimes work in a team carries with it an unquestionable added value.

But it has also taught us how complex is the respective reality. The teams, who directs them, and the environment in which they are inserted, are composed of people. Human beings that in all their fullness of personality differences, education, training, culture, etc., express, above all, a huge tendency to be "to each their own."

As possible, preserving their comfort zones, and thinking, first, of themselves than in the others. Resisting to any kind of changes and advocating that, "if we may be lying, why are we seated, and if we can be seated, for what are we standing"(popular proverb).

This demonstrates that, after all, work as a team is not something natural.

People and teams always need, during the joint processes in which they are involved, see demonstrated quite clearly the need to cooperate and establish mutual aid networks and mutual support. And especially to realize what they gain from the fact of working as a team.

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