Diary of a coach

I wrote this Diary of a Coach along the sporting season 2001/2002. In it I tried to reflect on what was happening in the preparation and competitions of the professional basketball team of Ovarense Aerosoles. A challenge and, above all, a learning process. Sometimes, writing was not what most felt like doing, but with time, this reflection was becoming a habit. That will persist beyond this book. Fortunately.

Here the reader will find ups and downs. Reason and emotion in a constant confrontation. Perspiration and inspiration in doses that require necessarily be complementary. The previous work and the strategic anticipation to overlap clearly to any possible "wing strokes." Before the competition started, it's all very thought. With the start of the competitions, and depending on the results that the team will obtain, arises the first hesitations. The anxiety grows gradually.

It is important to know that the day-to-day of the coach goes beyond the conduct of the sports training process. That we are not "supermen", that we have doubts, fears and hesitations, that we make mistakes. Like any human being.

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