Leadership - reflections on a professional experience

The act of leadership assumes, today, that the authority of those who lead, more than imposed, is recognized, aiming at a constant motivation and overcoming of the members of the teams we work with. In pursuit of excellence. That, more than an abstract concept presupposes certain attitudes and behavior in the service of a fundamental teamwork.

To the leader of the XXI century is demanded the necessary flexibility and creativity that induce in his collaborators the ability to manage the unexpected, always present in the complex and turbulent reality that surrounds them.

How to get it? Are there recipes that are able to guarantee us the success we want? Of course not. Although it helps by the positive way an exercise of leadership where the fear of making mistakes is not an obstacle and the error constitutes a decisive support of the necessary reflection that leads to learning. With the constant concern to develop a true emotional commitment from everyone and everything, with the objectives to achieve and interests to defend. Where the rules of collective life previously established, and the culture and values of the organizations, play a fundamental action.

The people, in the center of our concerns. The ones who lead, those who are led and those who are part of the environment. All facing the same challenge. Or they assume the changing needs in time, or the reality will take charge of demonstrate to them how hard it is to lose the train of history.

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