Coach – knowing how to be and to behave

The knowledge of how to be and to behave of a coach goes beyond a career of victories! requires a knowledgeable and pedagogical person to "give the face" for what she believe and constantly assume the respective responsibilities.

As human beings equal to everyone else, we are subject to error, failure, frustration of sometimes wanting and not being capable! As we are not "supermen", how often do we pay, by disciplinary way, the cost of not being able to silence our revolt against certain kind of injustice.

We can never "sleep in service", under penalty of seeing ourselves overtaken by the constant changing to which they are subjected the situations around us!

Over time, we learn that "business is business, pleasure is pleasure" and that this can only be taken in a completely foreign environment to that which usually we perform functions.

Without thereby invalidating that sometimes, in the relationships that we establish with players, officials, referees, etc., we let the heart work!

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