Everything is trainable

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The human being need to be in constant relationship with others, and integrated into collective or communities. But also presents pressing needs of individual affirmation, recognition and distinction. He likes to cooperate but equally of competing.

Compares himself with those around you, and interprets their attitudes and behaviors based on beliefs and values acquired. He is in constant communication, depending on the training and education received, and, integrated in a complex and unpredictable social reality, is confronted with a constant need for adaptation.

We all got behavioral habits through education and training to which we are subjected. It is a natural process conditioned by the social environment in which we are integrated, by the opportunities and lived experiences, by the passion with which we give ourselves in the pursuit of the desired improvement, and, mainly, by the presence and quality of the support of those who mobilize us towards acquiring the empathy and resilience necessary to achieve certain goals.

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