Coach, I confess me

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Always having the basketball as the provided mean, more than forty years connects me to Vitorino Cunha with close ties of friendship that are far beyond the profession that brought us together.

They were years side by side, fighting a always difficult battle, for the benefit of improving the skills of everyone that surround us, bringing out and gradually maturing the friendship that today bind us, based on an indestructible mutual respect and conquered day by day, eye to eye, without flinches or hesitations.

What we like, we like, such as what we do not like, stands out immediately.

Some say that Vitorino Cunha annoys them by the frankness and honesty with which he always positioned himself. One day they will realize how much it helped them whenever they needed a voice to guide them.

As for the fact that Vitorino Cunha it is demanding for others, it is good to remember that he is not less to himself, through a consistency and integrity that constitute his personal image brand.

A true example to follow!

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