The coach and the politics

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Jorge Araújo develops in this book a vision of a high performance sports coaching about the way on how to do politics in Portugal.

Based on its experience and in leadership styles, Jorge Araújo tells us what he thinks and how he would intervene if he were a political agent.

The author debates himself with a confrontation and a challenge.

A confrontation between the trend and the need of the coach to worry about those who he leads, mobilize the respective involvement and what our politicians customarily say and do.
A challenge, to all those who lead us, to realize how important it is to them be able to earn our trust, to possess a vision for the future and get us involved in this joint project, inspire and mobilize our motivation.

And, finally, be competent either from a technical point of view, as a behavioral.
The high levels of competitiveness of the political life have much to learn from the high demand in high competition.

Jorge Araújo is a specialist in this matter and tells us that even the politicians have to be leaded.

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